Carmen Breeveld

Spreker, dagvoorzitter, panellid, interviewer

“Practice what you preach”

Carmen Breeveld


Carmen Breeveld, zakenvrouw van het jaar geweest, heeft een verfrissende kijk op een duurzame inzet van personeel, en kan met prachtige praktijkvoorbeelden een ieder in beweging krijgen.
After Carmen was distinguished as European Black Business Woman in 2003, she held various advisory positions at the intersection of politics, labor and employers focused portfolios. Since 2003, she joined the political committee within Federation of Businesswomen Netherlands. In 2010 she was appointed national chairman of the umbrella organization and joined the general board of VNO-NCW, the largest employers’ organization in the Netherlands. In addition, she sits on the advisory board of the Leadership Corps Amsterdam-Amstelland and has advised the Ministers of Economic and Social Affairs on new entrepreneurship, labor market related issues. From 2003 to 2005 she was a member of the advisory board of PaVEM, where she has assisted Prinses Máxima in her first official role to promote diversity by implementing special programs through the top 40 largest municipalities. In 2011, Carmen initiated the Women’s Conference Europe that offers professional women a platform to gather together and exchange knowledge on a strategic level. During the first edition there were more than 800 visitors. Since 2015 Carmen has created a platform for women entrepreneurs who wants to expand their businesses internationally and organizes several women trade missions throughout the year.
Since 1996 Carmen is active in the field of recruitment & selection of highly qualified professionals in the HR field. In 2007 she was responsible for the first trainee program for high profile minorities in the Netherlands and has accomplished a successful result on this subject. At this moment, Carmen Breeveld has a focus on international business development for women and local business development for SME’s (small medium enterprises)


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Spreker, dagvoorzitter, panellid, interviewer